Amritha Boomi-History

The most important of all for man being food and health, “Amrita Bhoomi” initial objective is to revive traditional agricultural technologies in these areas, as they have become crucial and critical issues today, because of the introduction of monocultures in food and agriculture mainly through the much heralded “Green Revolution” technology. The implementation and practice of it even for over fifty years, has left over 100 million people of the world hungry to-day. This is mainly because monocultures in agriculture are, according to even “common sense”, cannot succeed in a planet with the rich diversity in agro-climatic conditions: But, modern science is still trying to persist that through the second “green revolution” technology, namely biotechnology, it can feed this growing hungry population on this planet.

But, biotechnology is again a technology producing monocultures, developed by transnational corporations, only to establish their monopoly over the seed and thereby the food-systems of the world, only for profit, would again push more people to hunger. The latest in this effort of TNCs are the “Terminator Technology” and the “Verminator Technology” which produce “sterile seeds” which do not terminate at all when sowed for the second time.

Source: Amritha Boomi-History


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