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Call for ban on ginger production – The Hindu

Many progressive farmers and environmentalists have been calling for a ban on the cultivation of ginger, at least for a few years, given the crop’s impact on soil fertility and groundwater levels in the district. Office-bearers of farmers’ groups say farmers are ready to give up ginger cultivation in the interest of the environment and soil.Farmers in Hassan began ginger cultivation in the latter part of the last decade. Following a ban on it in Kerala, many farmers from there came to Hassan, among other districts of Karnataka, and took land on lease to grow ginger. Gradually, native farmers began growing the crop too.A.B. Sanjay, Deputy Director of the Horticulture Department, says, “Ginger is an undersoil crop and extracts nutrients and moisture directly from the soil. Soil fertility is the immediate casualty of ginger cultivation.”

Source: Call for ban on ginger production – The Hindu